Wednesday, November 30, 2011


geez, every once in awhile i'll read something, or take in a movie or show that'll really have me empathizing with some poor wretch's plight- whether its port-o-wine marks, starvation or genocide- i'll start getting sensitive and politically correct.

 luckily, i'm not feeling that way today, and am in fact reminiscing about the first time i heard of the epidemic of thalidomide babies. you see, i was sitting next my good friend timmy crowe, and we immediately seized upon the notion of flipper babies as a springboard for some gutbusters. he still quotes me to this day, "put me in the water, ma!". i'd like to say that my sense of humor has evolved somewhat since my adolescence, but that'd be a bald faced lie - if only this piece had a button to make it burp or fart, i think i could call it my magnum opus.

 seriously, this work doesn't even have flippers, just one disproportionate claw. it was cobbled  together from a bunch of thrift store bric-a-brac and whats-its, and holy shit it lights up! far fucking out man!

  i really just wanted to say thalidomide/flipper babies a couple times. i apologize to any i've offended, and believe me, it's more sincere than any "we're sorry" that ever came from a drug company.


  1. Hell yeah!

  2. I actually used your process as an artist in a class example about creativity this week...or what I think your process might be. :)