Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a double dose on the savior's dime

behold, two sacrilegious gut-punches to soothe the savage soul. i apologize to jesus, he seems to be a punching boy for a lot of folks, the constant punchline for a bad joke. enjoy:
this is actually a piece of carpet, and the viewer can immediately distinguish our key player, christ, and his third, all-seeing eye. also, his penchant for smoking. obviously, if you had that kind of insight on the world's sins, you'd take up the habit, and probably with as much gusto as the son of god; stuffing a smoke in your nail hole would be fine salve. these carpets come in a few flavors, but my thrift store outings usually have me gawking at the religious or J.F.K. commemorative kinds; i have never found one good enough for a kennedy tribute ala the misfits' 'bullet' cover.

the second half was actually a hard call to make, considering the original was almost perfect on it's own. visiting my older sister in the southcoast of massachusetts, we stumbled into the local branch of one of my favorite thrift store chains, saver's. not five steps inside, and i saw this unintentional masterpiece hanging high above a rack of worn sneakers and brogans.
you can imagine it gracing the wall of a trucker's home, perhaps next to a dreamcatcher and ceramic wolf's head. the obvious addition is the green mask and 'happy toys', a nod to the film 'maximum overdrive'. god in the machine, to be sure.