Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hatred is purity

thanks for tuning in again to my blog. apologies for the sporadic nature of my posts, dear reader, but i have been assailed by the double whammy of a hefty work schedule and ample fine weather, which leads me to shirk almost any other responsibility or project for playtime.
i do believe everyone is racist- you lousy two-faced bigots.
save for some hyper-isolated enclave, sometime in your life, you've heard those poison ideas. even if you don't invest in them, they fester, and eventually manifest themselves.
you could probably feel guilty about it, and read alot of books on critical race theory; or you could paint a skinhead over a picture of a kid in a clown suit you bought at the salvation army - that's worth the same in the grand scheme of things, right?
whatever, i don't have hate in my heart, enjoy:
if you were curious about the original:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

check it

some friends are having a benefit for street tails animal rescue, and i have a piece up ins. check it out. for your health.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


so there's this album "christmas with the ghostly trio" i have, and it always make the art happen. you should try it sometime.

goat legs

hey peoples, please come see my art, live!, at gleaner's, 917 s. 9th st., philadelphia. just drop by from march 5th 'til april and take a gander, have a coffee and a whoopie pie.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

nobunny loves you

ah, nobunny. while some might laugh at the campy-ness of wearing a mask onstage, those folks are denying themselves a great pleasure, which is pure rock n' roll. from the lo-fi garage pop power of love visions, to the slightly more refined yet still garage-y first blood - or on the many other singles, splits and alter-ego albums and collaborations - he demonstrates his songwriting prowess with infectious melodies under a punk rock glaze. obviously, i wholeheartedly endorse the man's music. i've even had the opportunity to converse with him while completely ignorant of his identity, which then yielded me a copy of love visions full of doodles of my face.
so that brings us here, dear readers, which is the consummation of this tale, an old big eye thrift-store rembrandt transmuted into a humble take on the man-behind-the-mask mythology. if you'd like to see the starting point, do a google image search for "maio harlequin boy"; i probably should do that with all my recycled arts, but i'm as lazy and human as the lot of ya.
oh, and mr. nobunny, if you see this, why not make it your next album cover for whatever project is popping out of that prolific wellspring of a jam-maker you call a head? i'd be deeply honored.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


geez, every once in awhile i'll read something, or take in a movie or show that'll really have me empathizing with some poor wretch's plight- whether its port-o-wine marks, starvation or genocide- i'll start getting sensitive and politically correct.

 luckily, i'm not feeling that way today, and am in fact reminiscing about the first time i heard of the epidemic of thalidomide babies. you see, i was sitting next my good friend timmy crowe, and we immediately seized upon the notion of flipper babies as a springboard for some gutbusters. he still quotes me to this day, "put me in the water, ma!". i'd like to say that my sense of humor has evolved somewhat since my adolescence, but that'd be a bald faced lie - if only this piece had a button to make it burp or fart, i think i could call it my magnum opus.

 seriously, this work doesn't even have flippers, just one disproportionate claw. it was cobbled  together from a bunch of thrift store bric-a-brac and whats-its, and holy shit it lights up! far fucking out man!

  i really just wanted to say thalidomide/flipper babies a couple times. i apologize to any i've offended, and believe me, it's more sincere than any "we're sorry" that ever came from a drug company.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

philly aids thrift

i just finished some production work for the philadelphia aids thrift, in the form of two signs advertising the 'dollar room'. they truly promote/support a noble cause, and the store is stocked full of genuine people and far-out second hand treasures. you should drop by and buy some stuff, or volunteer, or even donate things or money, DO IT. while you're there, you can check out these beauties on the second floor. the signs are 1" pine, acrylic paint, wood stain and polyurethane.