Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hatred is purity

thanks for tuning in again to my blog. apologies for the sporadic nature of my posts, dear reader, but i have been assailed by the double whammy of a hefty work schedule and ample fine weather, which leads me to shirk almost any other responsibility or project for playtime.
i do believe everyone is racist- you lousy two-faced bigots.
save for some hyper-isolated enclave, sometime in your life, you've heard those poison ideas. even if you don't invest in them, they fester, and eventually manifest themselves.
you could probably feel guilty about it, and read alot of books on critical race theory; or you could paint a skinhead over a picture of a kid in a clown suit you bought at the salvation army - that's worth the same in the grand scheme of things, right?
whatever, i don't have hate in my heart, enjoy:
if you were curious about the original: