Tuesday, September 21, 2010


first, a credit to dan platt, who brought this and another gem to me after a night of goodwill hunting.

 the drug problem in this country is a tear-jerker, not so much for the death toll associated with actual drug use, but for the shameless opportunism of our government.
 consider that drug laws, with their racist origins, have completely usurped the fourth amendment.
 drug laws have been a goldmine for our lucky government pals that own prisons, and a constant reason to invade any other country that won't elect the leaders of our choosing.
 even the laws themselves are arbitrary and not science-based.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

alien attack

in the words of the ronald reagan:
"i occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world"
this painting was actually scored from a really odd local business, named appropriately 'old, odd and otherwise gun shop.' the owner, dom was a real curmudgeon and ballbuster, but i nevertheless loved perusing the musty shelves of his ancient wares. after he passed away, his children didn't see themselves running his business, and it was promptly liquidated.  r.i.p. dom diplacido.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i truly endorse the continued domestication of animals. the varied mishaps that grace the news, such as the people mauled by chimpanzees or bears, mandrills or whatever unconventional pet they've managed to corral, are truly remarkable in their breadth and scope. consider that just 10,000 years ago, there were only wolves, and none of the many breeds of dogs we know today... seriously, a miniature pinscher is the blood relative of a wolf.