Monday, August 30, 2010

what's for dinner?

when i acquire bad, thrift-store art, it'll hang on the walls for days, months or even years 'til it's subverted in some way. this piece was the bane of roommates until the subtle punchline was added.
i'm sure you're aware of the dire straits our food supplies are in, where all nutrients are leached out, then a small portion added, then the whole amalgamation covered in corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil and served to you, consumer. most things you're eating wouldn't be recognized  by your great-grandparents as being a foodstuff.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

radiation treatment

growing up, this exact paint-by-numbers number hung on my sister's bedroom door. i'm pretty sure it still resides there, just not in this incarnation. lyndon johnson actually spearheaded the paint-by-numbers fad, just as kennedy inspired the nation to buy rocking chairs, and jackie-o put wrap around sunglasses on the map. i actually came across this little number (tee-hee!) at a lifelong favorite, collingdale thrift, now family thrift store;  the painting was actually done for a friend's themed art show in a last minute sense. conveying the fun side of nuclear mutation is what this bad boy is all about,but due to the familiarty of this image, the twist  usually goes unnoticed.


faith is just that, belief in something unreal, unprovable; a decidedly human affliction. religion is a great joke to pull on children, and probably one of the best gags mankind has ever proffered; the ultimate andy kaufman bit.
teaching children to worship satan would be abhorrent, if not really metal, but consider:
from a christian mindset, is there anyone more wayward and in need of  others' prayers than satan, the biggest sinner of 'em all?  
my guess is they'll grow up, reject the 'rents values and become bible-thumping, brylcreemed, teetotaling, tongue-speaking, snake handlin' types.

the death of humor

maybe this is about how humor is killed by tragedy, or how tragedy touches all, even the lowly clown. perhaps i'm saying that 6 of the 19 hijackers are still alive. bon appetit-


often, i'll find big eyes as sets, just as they were sold at montgomery ward. this pair is called 'dating', which sums up the non-orthodox approach these wacky kids are taking.

hitler mickey

this was a collaborative effort with the goodly mr. jp boudwin. the panel is actually from a broken child's toybox found in a gayborhood  alley. the remains of the box really got some mileage, even the frame was used to make a suncatcher with some see-through colored records.

some selected art

ah, here you are, a sampling of some of my work.
these pieces are examples of 'non-art'- velvet, big eye, paint by numbers paintings that i purchase during my compulsive thrift store excursions. what i've done is either subtle or blatant, a commentary or a fantasy worked into each. perhaps a catharsis of my inner teenager, refined past simple moustaches and blacking out of teeth, is apparent. maybe i've just ruined someone elses dime store picasso. enjoy: